More Support For The School Bond

Los Alamos

In a town where things can get politically contentious, I’ve been delighted to see letters to the editor showing a broad consensus that we as a community support the school bond up for consideration in the ongoing election.  People whose values often diverge on other issues agree that a vote for this bond is a vote for our kids, a vote for educators, and a vote for our community.  I’m proud to add my voice to the chorus: vote YES for the school bond.

In short: this bond will not change our current tax rate, and it will provide matching funds for urgently needed capital improvements.  

In lieu of more detail, I want to amplify the work done by other members of our community by putting everything so far in one place (apologies if I left any off).

There are many opportunities to cast your ballot!  For information about when, where, and how you can make your voice heard in this election, go to and click on “Find my Registration & Election Information.”