A Vote In Favor Of School Bond Is A Vote For Community’s Continued Success And Growth

Former LAPS Superintendent
Former NM Secretary of Education

Good schools benefit everyone in Los Alamos, and I wholeheartedly support the upcoming bond election to provide essential funding for our schools. As a retired superintendent dedicated to education in Los Alamos, I understand the importance of modern facilities that foster a conducive learning environment and student and staff well-being. Updated school facilities also help keep everyone safe.

The proposed bond would address critical needs.  It’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about creating an environment where our children can thrive academically and personally. 

Quality schools also contribute to the overall quality of life in our community. They attract families, support property values, and provide a skilled workforce that benefits national security and our local economy. Investing in our schools today is an investment in the long-term prosperity and vitality of Los Alamos. Our collective support for education is a testament to our dedication to the future of our community. 

By voting in favor of this bond, we will see $30 million in matching funds from the state.  Rest assured, the Los Alamos schools have a solid track record of prudently managing these funds and following through with commitments.

A vote of ‘yes’ does not increase taxes and helps demonstrate our belief in the potential of our students and our commitment to providing them with the best opportunities possible. Let’s come together and ensure that Los Alamos schools receive the funding they need to continue providing a top-notch education for our children. 

Early voting has begun.  I encourage everyone to get out and vote.  A vote in favor of this bond is a vote for our community’s continued success and growth.