Support For Renewing Our School Bond

Los Alamos

Maybe there is no need to write another letter of support for our school bond election. Who does not feel a sense of pride in our community as our school buildings have been sequentially rebuilt and renewed over the last decade, a concrete measure of how much we value education and our children. Sixty-year old school buildings are finally being replaced by facilities with air conditioning, sufficient electrical supply, modern security protocols, and other essential necessities. Another push and we will have modernized the two remaining elementary school buildings in White Rock sorely in need of upgrade. Don’t those children deserve a modern school as well? Who would not support a bond election that would not increase tax rates but ensure that ALL our children can learn in basic comfort and safety?

Maybe this is the issue that we can all be supportive of at a time when such common themes seem so hard to find. If you are not already registered to vote, please do so by Tuesday, Oct. 10, and then let’s all vote for our children, for education, and for Los Alamos!