Please Vote Yes For The School Bond


Having grown up in Los Alamos, so much has changed.  Things in the community have changed so much and my memories keep the old Los Alamos tucked away for me to enjoy.  One thing that did not change with the times was our schools.  We have started to do some of that with the schools on the hill and now it is time for our White Rock schools.

All of our schools have aged and are aging so much, to the point of not being the place that we want for our children to learn and grow. After we get this done it will be up to us to maintain them and make sure they have all of the resources to continue providing our children with the best education and preparation for their futures. 

The bond we are voting on now will not increase your tax rates and with better schools in our county your properties will increase in value, as well. The state will give us money to match the money from the bond. It is a win win situation.

Our future is in our children and I value both education and our children very much.  Our community is a safe place for them to grow up, let’s make sure our schools are ready to be the most secure and safe place to give them the experiences that will prepare them for their future.

Please vote Yes for the bond and make “better schools for a brighter future.”