Current And Former LAPS Staff Endorse Lauren Coupland For School Board

Lauren Coupland, candidate for Los Alamos Public Schools Board, District 3. Courtesy photo


As active participants in our school system, we feel a profound responsibility to support candidates who share our commitment to the betterment of education and the welfare of our educators, students, and families. 

We wholeheartedly respect the union’s endorsement process and the opportunity it gives rank and file members to engage in democracy at the grassroots level. However, as with most organizations, we don’t and won’t always see eye to eye. 

It is with great enthusiasm that  we share our belief that Lauren Coupland is the ideal candidate for School Board. 

Lauren has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the issues that affect our schools.

In our interactions with Lauren, we have been impressed by her willingness to engage with educators and listen to our concerns. She has consistently shown a genuine interest in collaborating with educators to ensure our voices are heard in the decision-making process. This kind of partnership is essential for fostering a positive and effective learning environment for the students we serve.

Her commitment to empowering educators is exactly what our school district needs to continue providing a high-quality education to all students.

In addition to her focus on supporting educators, she also possesses a comprehensive vision for the future of our schools. She understands the challenges we face in education today. Whether it’s enhancing curriculum, bridging the digital divide, or addressing issues of equity and inclusivity, Lauren has proven she is up to the task. We proudly endorse Lauren Coupland for School Board District 3.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In solidarity,

Alisa Hehir

Audrey Teti

Becky Herroon

Cassy Trujillo*

Chris Monteith

Erin Cook

Holly Robinson

Kathleen Hovey

Ksenia Garbett

Lindsey Alexander

Marlene McCrory*

Meg Stewart Lobato

Melinda Atkinson

Melissa Bartlett*

Michele Moleres

Monica Naranjo*

Nancy Vasquez

Naomi Unger

Rita Sanchez

Secilli Keeler

Skyeanne Webb

Terry DuBois

*Ancillary service providers such as Occupation or Physical Therapists are often contractors rather than direct staff.  However, they are an important part of our district.