In Support Of Christine Bernstein For School Board

Los Alamos

I am part of a two-teacher family living in the Aspen school district. My wife and I have devoted a combined 56 years of service to this district and had two children challenged, educated, and loved by the staff at Aspen School.  I wholeheartedly endorse Christine Bernstein as our representative on the school board and urge all in the Aspen district to get to the polls and vote for Christine.  

While signs endorsing all three candidates for the board in our district are present, were one given a map of the homes of school employees in the district, he or she would find a “Bernstein” sign adorning the property.  It is no accident that those who do the daily work in our schools are endorsing Christine…she understands the job of teachers AND school board members.  She makes no promises that are beyond her position, has sent her kids through every level of our schools and understands the district’s areas of strength and weakness.  These qualities won Christine the support of school employees in the Aspen district AND the endorsement of the local teacher’s union. 

Christine’s communication with the public has been honest, forthright, and genuine.  This attribute sets her apart from one of her challengers, who has used social media to spread misinformation about staff at Aspen School, a worrisome trait for somebody wanting access to sensitive information.  Bernstein’s other opponent seems to have very little understanding of what school board members are responsible for and has been incredibly veiled about what his vision for the board truly entails.  This is not a case of “settling” on a candidate for voters.  Christine Bernstein is an incredibly experienced, capable and educated representative of the students, families and employees in the Aspen School district.  

Please vote to allow Christine Bernstein to continue making our local elementary school and our entire district even better.