Chamber: Introducing Intuitive Life Coach Alisha Klekar

Intuitive Life Coach Alisha Klekar. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce

In June of 2022, Alisha Klekar and her husband moved to Los Alamos from Washington state after he accepted a role at COMPA Industries. While COMPA recruited Klekar as well for her social media skills, her background and passion lies in helping others through her personal business of certified card reading and intuitive life coaching. For over 15 years, Klekar has been utilizing tarot and oracle cards, as well as her own life experience, as a guide for her own life. She now uses her gifts to help others find security and stability in their lives, as well as evaluate their current path, situation, potential outcomes and help build a positive plan of action moving forward.

“In numerology my Life Path Number is a “9”, the Compassionate Humanitarian. No matter the question or situation I handle everything objectively, compassionately, with confidentiality and without judgment,” says Klekar.

She began her professional practice 5 years ago after leaving a stressful career in management. She was looking for something that fulfilled her personally as well as  professionally when she considered what she enjoyed most about the careers of her past. “I thought about what I loved about my previous job and it was helping my staff with my intuitive skills, both personal and career related.”

Klekar has worked with professionals in her field such as Richard Knight, Colette Baron-Reid, Radleigh Valentine, John Holland, and Kyle Gray. For now, she sees clients virtually and is planning future courses to help individuals connect to their spirituality and find their own individual life paths.

For more information, you can contact her via email at, or follow her on social media: IG @alisha_klekar and FB @alishaklekar


60 Minute Reading- $75

30 Minute Reading- $45

Numerology Report-$25

Relationship Compatibility Report- This can be business partners, friends, not just romantic-$20

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