Rain, Hail Or Shine – Kite Festival To Run Saturday And Sunday At Overlook Park

No matter what the weather is like, the Los Alamos Arts Council plans to go ahead with its Kite Festival from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at Overlook. Bring your children and your inner child and have fun. Admission is free and kites will be available for all, as well as assistance with kite-building if necessary.

Schedule of Activities for Saturday and Sunday:

9AM-3PM Kite flying, check in at one of the two check in tables
10AM-1PM Volunteer and staff led kite building
From 1PM-3PM we will still have kite materials out for those who want to build one, but volunteers will be out on the field helping get those kites off the ground and less help will be available to those who are building and decorating. 

Kites will fly from 9AM-3PM kite flying all day! We will still have our kite hospitals, volunteers to help build kites, and fun activities, but it will be a more relaxed day. No food vendors will be on site Sunday, so bring a picnic!

What does Kite Festival Cost?

The festival is FREE! Thanks to our sponsors, donors, and community grants, we are able to bring this event to Los Alamos and our neighbors at no cost. We do appreciate donations to the event, as this ensures that it remains free in years to come.

What Ages is Kite Festival For?

If you can fly a kite, watch a kite, like kites, or just want a day in the park, you’re the right age for Kite Fest! We have kite building kits for kiddos, typically aimed at pre-k and up, but if you have a wee one, we’ll happily give you a kite to fly with them. No kids? Not a problem! This event is open to all. We do ask that dogs be leashed in the park and that you pick up their poo. Everyone will be looking up at the sky, not their feet.

What do I do when I get to Kite Festival?

You’ll see two check in lines. Each line will have a member and non-member side. If you don’t have an arts council membership, you can get one here.

“I HAVE A KITE”. This line is for you if you have already built a kite with our community partners and are ready to fly, come to this line and we will get you checked in and give your kiddos their tee-shirts!

“BUILD A KITE” This line is for you if you have not built a kite yet (or lost your kite). From here we will get you checked in and get you in line to work with a volunteer to build your kites. We will also have a “Build it yourself” table for those who don’t need the extra hands and just want to build on their own. Once you’ve decorated and built a kite, you will get a tee-shirt from our staff or volunteers while they last.

Where do we park?

There is limited parking in Overlook Park. We highly recommend carpooling, walking, or biking. Please do not block driveways, mailboxes, or trashcans on Meadow Drive or the surrounding neighborhoods.

How do we get our Kite Festival Tee-shirt?

We have limited tee shirts to give away for free so check in early to secure yours. 

What else is there to do in the park that day?

We will also have contests and give aways, a kite raffle to win one of several kite prizes, face painting, music and local craft vendors. Our Kite Masters will be on hand to help ensure the safety of the kite flying activities, check in with them if you have questions or need a hand. Volunteers will be roaming the park and our kite hospitals are there to make emergency repairs. Got a little? We have a special area in the park for our littlest kite fliers and a kite master available to lend a hand if things get rowdy!