Unitarian Church Forum Sunday Features Tyler Taylor On ‘Why We Are Polarized’ By Ezra Klein


The Unitarian Church of Los Alamos Sunday Forum will feature: “Why We’re Polarized” presented by Tyler Taylor at 11:45 a.m. May 21 in the church at 1738 North Sage Loop.

Have you been struggling, maybe for years, to wrap your mind around how and why Americans have become so bitterly divided?

The social and political issues often seem to have such deep roots, but the disagreements regularly now go in confusing or alarming directions. More fire accelerants seem to appear some weeks than there are sensible firefighters.

Clarity is needed about what is under the surface and driving this phenomenon!

Ezra Klein’s 2020 book “Why We’re Polarized” takes a deep and useful look at these issues. Reviewing its key points will be the basis for this Sunday Forum. Taylor will discuss the book for 25 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion.

The public is invited to attend this event, which takes place after the Sunday service.