County Community Services Director Cory Styron To Serve As Secretary Of Academy Of Parks & Recreation Administrators

Cory Styron/Courtesy photo


Cory Styron, Los Alamos County Community Services Director, has been elected to serve in the position of Secretary for the Academy of Parks and Recreation Administrators. Styron was originally nominated and elected into the Academy in 2019. 

Styron has been active for many years in the parks and recreation industry at the state and  national levels. He is currently completing a two year term as the Chair of the Commission of  Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) and served as President of the New  Mexico Recreation Parks and Recreation Association 2017-2018. 

Founded in 1980, the American Academy for Parks and Recreation Administration (Academy)  has a history of developing programs and services that encourage excellence in park and  recreation administration. The Academy’s focus is to inspire and strive to advance the public  park and recreation administration through support and guidance of the top educations and  practitioners throughout the United States. 

Members of the Academy are nominated and elected and is comprised of 125 accomplished  practitioners and educators within the parks and recreation field, throughout the United States.  

The Academy’s primary objectives are: 

• To advance knowledge related to the administration of public parks and recreation; • To encourage scholarly efforts by both practitioners and educators to enhance the practice  of public parks and recreation administration; 

• To promote broader public understanding of the importance of public parks and recreation; 

• To conduct research, publish scholarly papers and/or sponsor seminars related to the  advancement of public parks and recreation administration.