Another Successful Year For Los Alamos School Supply Drive

Some of the school supplies provided to some 59 students at Los Alamos Public Schools thanks to the generosity of the community. Photo Courtesy JJAB


Thanks to the generous support of the community, Los Alamos JJAB was able to yet again support the school supply needs for its clients, reaching 59 students with enough left over for two substantial deliveries to the counselors of two elementary schools.

This year was a bit more difficult because all the prices were up, but the JJAB team managed to cross off almost every item on the lists we were given. There were so many deliveries coming in every day, and their conference room was a mess of supplies for a week! But their team hustled and helped implement a system to ensure it was a success. JJAB got lots of grateful messages from our clients’ parents afterwards, that something had been taken off their plate during this hectic (and pricey) back-to-school time.

As JJAB works to meet the ever-changing needs of youth in our community, they are deeply grateful for our community’s continued support. 

Looking forward, winter is right around the corner. JJAB invites the community to consider supporting their annual winter clothing drive for youth. JJAB provides crucial support for winter jackets, boots, gloves, scarves, and hats.