Letter To School Board And Supt. Guy


On Thursday, February 17, the Governor lifted the statewide mask mandate.  I emailed our school board and District Supt. Jennifer Guy, as well as NMPED Sec. Kurt Steinhaus to remove the school mandate.  Secretary Steinhaus emailed me, the board and Superintendent Guy back at 2:30 pm, stating, “The mask mandate has been lifted for schools.”  Our board has received emails from other parents seeking removal of the mandate.  Other school districts immediately lifted the mandate, and scheduled to convene on other COVID matters at a later date.  Our school board should have done the same.  They continue to treat students and staff as second-class citizens.  Children are low risk for COVID, masks impair learning and social development, and now, cause psychological abuse knowing they are being treated different than the rest of society.

Superintendent Guy messaged me that there is a public meeting scheduled on Monday at 5:30 p.m.  Others on social media are saying Tuesday.  We need to publicly hear from our board now on the masks, and to clarify the actual time of a meeting for other COVID-related matters.