Espanola – Reelect Mayor Javier Sanchez

Mayor Pro-Tem/Councilor District 1
City of Espanola

I proudly endorse Mayor Javier E. Sanchez for reelection as Mayor of Espanola. Since he was elected in 2018, Mayor Sanchez has been tried and tested and has provided great leadership for both the City and the City Council during that time.  

The heart Mayor Sanchez possesses for our City and our people has been clearly shown in the way he has stepped up to defend our community when it has faced the criticism of others. He has represented capably and made us proud both in our own community, throughout the state and in Washington, DC. He is constantly looking for new ways to help our City and our region move forward economically, while continuing to seek solutions for issues such as unemployment, drug addiction and homelessness as well as the need for expanded broadband internet service, and providing police and first responders with what they need to serve our community. He understands that our infrastructure is deteriorating and has been fighting hard for the necessary funding to address the situation.

Mayor Sanchez is a part of the fabric of Espanola, which has been his home for 27 years – longer than his opponent John Ramon Vigil has been alive. With the region facing the serious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need a mayor who has business experience, both working for himself and for others, and who understands the needs and challenges of small businesses in our area first hand. We need a mayor who is comfortable sitting down one-on-one with a constituent, conducting a contentious Council meeting, or reaching out to state and national elected officials on our City’s behalf. Mayor Sanchez has shown his ability to lead, his ability to be a team player at home and in the region, and above all his integrity. He will always fight for us!

I humbly ask City of Espanola voters to cast your votes for Javier Sanchez and retain him as our mayor.