Health Coach And Yoga Therapist Katie Hemphill Addresses Kiwanis Club

Katie Hemphill addresses the Kiwanis Club. Courtesy photo


Health Coach and Yoga Therapist Katie Hemphill gave a presentation at the November 9 Kiwanis meeting where she shared her vision of the business she is starting here in Los Alamos. Her goals are to work with people in the community on an individual basis to help them understand how their behavior affects their health and how they can improve both.

Katie’s background is in biomedical engineering and she applies her expertise to this new venture that she calls “Reprogrammed Systems Approach to Healthy Living”. “The human body is a complex system” she said. There is no single pathway to better health, however she has come to believe in three science-based principles that can help an individual :

  1. Eat whole, nutrient-dense foods.
  2. Move your body regularly and dynamically.
  3. Find a balance of stress and rest.

She offers her clients a newsletter, free resources and an on-line course.