Endorsing School Board Members Colgan, Boerigter, Specter And Green As Good Stewards Of The System And Its Legacy


During my years involved in community service activities, I have had the opportunity to interact with and come to know Interim Supt. Jennifer Guy and all the current members of the School Board. I commend them and the whole of the teachers and staff of Los Alamos Public Schools for working diligently and mindfully to continue educational progress and the safety of the students of the district, as well as the teachers and other staff, during the changing challenges of the COVID pandemic.

Inconsistent with the characterization of the responsibilities and priorities of the School Board by some candidates for School Board, the Board is charged with the fiscal and facilities health of the system, as well as making general policy. Similar to the workings of a corporate board of directors, the School Board exists to review and decide the long term goals, policies and procedures of the school system. While I believe it is a prerequisite, it is not enough to state you will be there for the kids every day. 

The school system is a multi-million dollar financial enterprise and its revenues, resources, physical plant, choices about who leads the District and overall student educational policies must be managed with skill, thoughtfulness, fiscal wisdom and long term foresight to continue to provide the best student outcomes and opportunities for all students, irrespective of their background, abilities or circumstances. If these issues are thoughtfully and thoroughly attended to by the School Board, the foundation for positive outcomes and experiences for each student is established and the resources and setting for teaching staff excellence is created.

In my experience and contact with the Board, most recently, as Chairman of the North Mesa Housing Project Committee, I have come to know and appreciate the thoughtfulness and skill that Board President Melanie Colgan and Board Member Steve Boerigter bring to the process of supporting and achieving the best results for the School District. I know and appreciate the comprehensive knowledge and guidance Board Members Ellen Specter and Christine Bernstein contribute to the Board, as well. I have not personally known new Board Member Erin Green until recently, when she enthusiastically volunteered for and helped at the recent Los Alamos Heart Council and Los Alamos Medical Center flu shot clinic. I have, however, observed her in Board Meetings to be unfailingly well prepared, regularly contributing insightful questions and analysis.

Accordingly, in the current races for various School Board positions, I unreservedly endorse and urge voters to vote for Board President Melanie Colgan and Board Members Steven Boerigter, Ellen Specter and Erin Green for re-election from their respective districts.  Board Member Bernstein is not up for re-election. The current Board has been mindful of its responsibilities and limits and relentless in the pursuit of fiscal security of the system and positive opportunities for every student.

As a matter of disclosure I am Chairman of the County Health Council, Chairman of the North Mesa Housing Project Committee and President of the Los Alamos Heart Council. The contents of this letter and the endorsements are made in a purely personal capacity.

Philip Gursky