In Response To Mr. Skolnik

Editor’s note: Richard Skolnik’s response to Councilor Reagor’s initial letter may be viewed here:

Dear Editor,

The point of the AIDS comment in my previous letter ( is that the third world victims cannot pay for the medication.  Of course one can set up a program with external funding to provide medication to the victims. Now they are dependent on that program.  It is the ultimate big government control of their lives.  They would be served by an actual cure, not dependency.

The situation is much like modern welfare programs, they act as a economic quicksand that is very difficult to escape. A cynic would say that this trap is so effective that it must be on purpose. The officials that set up the welfare program intend for it to grow and people moving off the program would reduce the funding. They are going to grow those problems even if they have to turn an epidemic into an economic crisis.  Now this takes us back to COVID,  where these types of vaccines create a need for boosters. You have to keep getting a shot for the next variant.  Next year the media campaigns will switch to get your booster to stop the variant!  All the healthy young people would be better served by developing their full natural immune response. They then have a stronger immune system for the rest of their life.

Councilor David Reagor