On The School Board Vacancy

Dear Editor,

In a recent letter to Los Alamos Reporter Richard Skolnik criticized a candidate for the school board vacancy.  The candidate is Nickole Aguilar Garcia, who departed from the standard media narratives on COVID and education.  One of her criticisms is of the work of Dr. Fauci, lionized by the media as a hero.  There is a very funny video called Fauci vs. Fauci ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E1BnWRD0Co ) where they show old videos of him taking every side of the COVID mask issue.  Masks are useless, masks need to be mandated, “wear two masks”, and then the ultimate “masks for the vaccinated”.  The situation is worse since his emails were released under FOIA and they contradict many of his public statements.  First, the disease came from a live animal market, and then it likely came from a lab, etc.  Ms. Garcia does not even need to document any of this, as it is all in the national media.

It is surprising to see any liberal supporting Dr. Fauci, when his history as the head of the AIDS program led to decades of slow progress and an eventual “cure” that involves taking a medication for life.  These expensive treatments are a boon for pharmaceutical companies, but of no use in the third world.  No vaccine, and no treatment that ends the disease.  The sad truth is that some of our scientific leaders in government are just politicians pushing agendas, and their advice should be treated with skepticism.
Our children are not Guinea Pigs for government bureaucrats trying new ideas and all of that politics should be tossed out of our schools. This is exactly the wise advice of Nickole Aguilar Garcia.

Councilor David Reagor