NM Congressional Delegation Calls On Banks In New Mexico To Temporarily Suspend Foreclosures And Evictions



In the wake of unprecedented economic impacts in New Mexico stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Mexico Congressional Delegation issued the following statement commending utilities and co-ops throughout New Mexico for temporarily halting nonpayment disconnects and late fees and calling on all banks in the state to temporarily suspend the enforcement of foreclosures and evictions:

“During this unprecedented public health crisis, it is critical for each of us to do the right thing for our neighbors and our fellow New Mexicans. We commend all of the utilities and co-ops in New Mexico who have done the right thing during this time of great economic uncertainty by suspending non-payment disconnections and the enforcement of late fees. We urge banks and credit unions in our state to show the same compassion and understanding by temporarily halting the enforcement of foreclosures and evictions and work with impacted parties to suspend any fees or late-payment penalties. When so many New Mexico families are already frightened about how they will be able to stay healthy and make ends meet, the last thing they should have to worry about is whether they can keep a roof over their heads.”