County Assessing, Monitoring Impacts Of COVID-19 On County Services

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The Los Alamos County Emergency Management Office and County Manager continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation in cooperation with the State Department of Health and new directives being issued.

County Manager Harry Burgess said Friday that he expects Situation Reports from Department Directors by the end of today regarding their assessment of their department and a variety of factors that might impact County services in the near future. Burgess said that planning is underway to pursue options for possible staffing shortages or alternative methods for delivery of services.

“We’re looking at our essential services and what we may need to close or do differently if we need to reduce operating hours, develop flex schedules to cover staffing shortages or keep staff healthy to later respond as needed. We’ll be assessing other needs throughout County government in order to be able to respond to this health crisis swiftly and appropriately,” Burgess said.

Some changes are already underway in response to announcements made by the Governor Thursday. For example, Facilities’ reservations staff began assessing bookings at County facilities such as Fuller Lodge and contacting requesters to postpone or cancel planned events after yesterday’s directive by the Governor regarding a ban on mass gatherings over 100 people. In addition, Atomic City Transit announced today their suspension of certain express bus routes that typically serve after-school activities for children, given that LAPS will be suspended for the next three weeks.

Burgess said he expects more changes may be coming in the next few weeks as the County adapts and responds to this rapidly evolving situation in New Mexico.

Updates will be shared with the public via news media and on the County’s COVID-19 webpage. Visit and click on the COVID-19 Updates icon in the middle of the home page.