Council Chair Sara Scott: We’ve Got This!


Los Alamos County Council Chair

Our County is facing challenges to our health, economy and personal stress levels – concerns regarding the Coronavirus are evolving rapidly and we are all responding to new information, significant closures, and public health orders daily.  As a community, this is a chance for us to show how much we care for each other. We’ve been through challenges before and what I’ve seen from folks in town these past few weeks doesn’t surprise me – from the sincere interest by so many in what they personally can do to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to rapidly setting up a Facebook page to help those in need, double tipping if you eat out, checking on neighbors, and making trips to the store for those who can’t. What an amazing community we live in. 

Our health care professionals would like to remind folks that if you feel you may have been infected with the Coronavirus, please call the Coronavirus emergency hotline at 855-600-3453 rather than going into a clinic or doctor’s office. This is very important – not only is there a concern about infecting other patients but about keeping our care providers available to address the needs of the community. 

To help with getting up to date information, the County has added a new quick link button to its website ( This provides links to county, state and national information. If after reviewing this information citizens still have specific questions or requests for information (for example, paying for food or utilities, access to needed services, how to help), please call Beverly Simpson – the County’s Emergency Manager – at 505 709 8632. This is her mobile phone number and the preferred contact for these types of information requests. You may need to leave a message, but Ms. Simpson will respond as possible. In addition, the County Manager will continue to publish updates as the situation evolves.

We are a creative community and have persevered through some trying times in the past. With patience, understanding, and care for each other and ourselves we will all do the best we can to work through this together. Don’t forget to stay connected, take a walk outside, and show extra kindness – we’ve got this.