State Police Helicopter Rescues Lost Motorcyclist Near Mount Taylor

image006The NMSP helicopter ABLE  7. Photo Courtesy NMSP

On Sunday, March 8 at about 7 a.m., the New Mexico State Police Special Operations Aircraft Section was contacted to assist in locating a 40-year-old male motorcyclist who was lost and stuck in the mud near Mount Taylor in a wilderness area north east of Grants.  The motorcyclist had been out since the prior evening.

The individual’s cell phone battery had died and it was reported he did not have proper clothing for the weather and might be out of food and water. The New Mexico State Police Helicopter, call sign ABLE 7, consisting of a pilot and two tactical flight officers was launched to the area to try and locate the lost individual.

At around 10 a.m. ABLE 7 located the individual in a wooded area about 15 miles north east of Mount Taylor at an elevation of 8,500 feet. ABLE 7 safely landed and the crew loaded the individual onto the helicopter. The man did not appear to have any life-threatening injuries.  The man was transported by ABLE 7 to the Double Eagle Airport to a waiting ambulance where he was medically evaluated.

“I’m very happy with the outcome of this incident” said Tim Johnson, New Mexico State Police Chief. “The response of ABLE 7 and its crew most certainly saved this gentleman’s life”.

The New Mexico State Police unveiled its new helicopter, an Airbus H145, just two months ago on Jan. 10.  This incident was the first rescue mission performed by the new ABLE 7.