An Overdue Thank You To The Los Alamos Community

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To the Los Alamos County Council and tourism staff at LAC for the day with my name on it (January 8, 2020).

To all of the local press for such excellent coverage of my retirement from doing van tours.

To the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, Visitor Center, Los Alamos History Museum, Bradbury Science Museum, and Nature Center, and now Manhattan Project National Historical Park, for being here telling who and what we are.

To all of the people of Los Alamos who cheered on Buffalo Tours/Atomic City Tours for its 35 years in touring visitors and locals alike around Los Alamos and the region.

Thanks, of course, to the tens of thousands of visitors and locals who stepped up and into the tour van to get a “proper” introduction to our unique, vibrant, and historic hometown. That astounding number includes the many tour buses I have guided to and in Los Alamos.

Thank you everyone for valuing the van tour enterprise and waving a Los  Alamos welcome to the occupants of the yellow van as it made its circuit through the Los Alamos Story.

Most of our visitors are awed at what they discover in Los Alamos:  a real town with real people of all ages and colors, going to school, to work, walking and biking, and oh yeah, a huge and important national laboratory.  It has been my immense pleasure to get to meet and introduce people to Los Alamos and New Mexico; I guess I found my calling, and I am thankful for the support that the Los Alamos business community and the County has shown in affirming my endeavor for what has been a large portion of my life.

We’re not going away.  We’ll still be here.  It’s home.  But no more yellow van tours by Georgia as Atomic City Tours after March 31.

Georgia Strickfaden
AtomicCityTours, LLC