The Great Bubble Solution Is Tuesday At Ashley Pond

62022787_10156910365531628_4286425220228579328_oJoin Family Strengths for The Great Bubble Solution Tuesday at Ashley Pond. Courtesy photo


FSN has a problem: we are on the hunt for the biggest, best bubbles on the planet to share with our families.

The Bubble Solution: we want your help in finding the best solution to that problem!

Join us at Ashley Pond from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p. m. on Tuesday, June 18 the 18th – bring your solution ideas AND your ideas for the best bubble maker!

There are no prizes here, only fun! But we hope you’ll share your ideas with us so that we can share the joy at future events!

The  event is subject to cancellation if we don’t believe there is an interest – let us know you’ll be there by shooting us a quick message or giving us a call at 602-4515.