Hear About Kyle Dickman’s Rattlesnake Encounter Tuesday At The Nature Center

IMG_0712 (1).jpgJoin Kyle Dickman at the Los Alamos Nature Center Tuesday to hear about his rattlesnake encounter. This presentation is open to the public and free to attend. Photo Courtesy PEEC


In April of 2017, writer Kyle Dickman went on a wildflower walk in Yosemite with his family, including his then three-month-old son. On that outing he was bitten by a rattlesnake. The next six hours were harrowing. After being extracted by helicopter from the canyon, he spent eight days in the hospital. Join Dickman for a multimedia presentation at the Los Alamos Nature Center at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 18 to hear about his experience.

Dickman will give audience members an introduction and then share his interview from the Outside Magazine podcast and photographs with audience members. He will answer questions about that nasty day and offer some advice on how to avoid being bitten and what to do if you are. Dickman has been reporting on venom ever since his bite and, if time allows, may tell the audience about his latest work. This presentation is free to attend and no registration is required.

Dickman is a contributing editor at “Outside Magazine” and the author of “On the Burning Edge,” the story of the deadly 2013 Yarnell Hill fire. His work has been nominated for a National Magazine Award in reporting. He lives in Los Alamos with his wife, Turin, and their son and daughter, Bridger and Tallie.

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