Raising The Bar

Letter To The Editor - Armbruster


I am supporting Elizabeth Allen for Municipal Judge because I believe she will be the better choice to deal with issues facing youth in our community.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect a person who has a law degree from Pepperdine, extensive knowledge of the law, and who brings new ideas energy, and vitality to the position.

Elizabeth has unique experiences in her 10 years as a lawyer. She has represented or helped teenagers in many different areas such as advocating for youth with special needs to obtain services they are guaranteed by law, represented children in child protection court, and worked in the criminal justice system with teenagers. Elizabeth ran the Teen Court in Los Alamos where she implemented two programs— direct referral and a therapeutic program— for repeat offenders.  These programs provided more options for juvenile offenders and services in Los Alamos for rehabilitation and education. In addition to working with youth in these areas, Elizabeth has also been a coordinator for JJAB (Juvenile Justice Advisory Board) and has worked for the last 3 years as floor staff at the Teen Center.  This work in the community gives her a clear understanding of what our teens are facing.  The obvious conclusion is she is currently engaged with the youth in our community and understands the multitude of issues that face them.

The municipal court is an important position  because it oversees Teen Court.  Teen Court is a peer-based court for youth who receive traffic or misdemeanor offenses.  Elizabeth understands that teenagers who get involved in the criminal justice system need to be engaged in the community in a positive manner, make connections with caring adults, and have a positive experience with the community in order to change behavior.  By running the program first hand, she understands the limitations and successes of Teen Court but also has a unique point of view from her work in child protection court and special education cases.  Elizabeth will be an asset to the challenges that are facing our youth.

I will vote for Elizabeth Allen—a lawyer—to be Municipal Judge.

Edward D. Armbruster
Los Alamos