Thomas Bowles – Support For Sara Scott

Letter To The Editor - Thomas Bowles


Voters can support a vibrant future for Los Alamos by electing Sara Scott to the County Council.

Sara provides strong leadership skills along with a genuine interest in what residents think by going door to door and through chat sessions. Her focus on affordable housing, supporting businesses growth and recreational activities and tourism are precisely the issues the County needs to address. What makes Sara special is she considers all aspects in developing a comprehensive plan for our future. Too often we develop a solution to one problem that results in creating a different problem.

I served as LANL Chief Science Officer and as Science Advisor to Governor Richardson. I know how critical good communication skills are in getting people to work together. Sara has the drive, experience, strong communication skills, leadership qualities, and holistic approach to issues that are needed to create a bright future for Los Alamos.

Thomas Bowles