Therapists And Community Providers Connect At Recent Meet And Greet

Los Alamos JJAB Resource Specialist Siri Anand Khalsa introduces herself to the large group. Photo Courtesy JJAB

A few of the Los Alamo JJAB Resource Specialists waiting to greet participants as they arrive at Fuller Lodge. Photo Courtesy JJAB


Together with Los Alamos Family Council, JJAB hosted a Meet and Greet for local therapists and community providers on Tuesday, October 17. The event was held at Fuller Lodge and was attended by over 35 local professionals. The Meet and Greet allowed participants to network with one another and discuss important issues facing youth in Los Alamos County. Rich discussions were held about gaps in local youth services, current youth issues, and self-care for those in helping roles. 

The Meet and Greet events were initially organized by the LAPS Counseling Team and taken over by former JJAB Executive Director Lisa Zuhn and LAPS Prevention Specialist Kristine Coblentz in 2019. The event started with the idea that all the professionals working with youth in the Los Alamos community should have a way to connect. Since then, the Meet and Greets have consistently grown in attendance, and participant feedback indicates they find the events meaningful. One participant at this year’s event shared, “I found it valuable to introduce myself to others in the community and hear other valuable offerings/providers/events that were happening.”

Los Alamos JJAB is a non-profit focusing on the needs of youth with an emphasis on reducing youth risk behaviors, facilitating positive youth development, and building resiliency. 

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Los Alamos JJAB Executive Director Rachel Mohr-Richards stands by as local therapist Cat Fite, left, introduces herself. Photo Courtesy JJAB

Providers from Los Clinicas Del Norte enjoy the Meet & Greet at Fuller Lodge. Photo Courtesy JJAB