LAPD, Pojoaque Tribal Officers And BIA Issue 244 Citations For Excessive Speed During Two Mornings At The ‘Y’


The morning and evening commutes to and from Los Alamos have always been busy. However, major road construction on New Mexico State Road 4 and a dramatic increase in vehicles from a growing Los Alamos National Laboratory workforce have created a challenging traffic environment. What has resulted is increased congestion and a surge of traffic accidents outside the Los Alamos County border. 

Through a cross-commission with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department this past week, officers with the Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD), partnering with Pojoaque Tribal officers and the Bureau of Indian Affairs officers, proactively targeted speed enforcement in the area of NM State Road 502 and NM State Road 4, also referred to as the “Y.” This effort was intended to serve as a strong deterrent to reckless driving.  In just two mornings, officers issued 244 citations for excessive speeding.

Deputy Chief of Police Oliver Morris emphasized that safety is a priority for the LAPD. To ensure that all motorists can reach their destinations safely, avoid adding to the already existing delays and prevent pricey traffic citations, he encourages everyone traveling on NM State Road 502 and NM State Road 4 to:

  1. Slow down and drive at or below the posted speed limits,
  2. Pay close attention to construction zones and follow all posted signage,
  3. Maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles, 
  4. Avoid distractions while driving, such as texting or talking on the phone, and 
  5. Always wear seat belts.

Morris stated, “We know that the increased traffic congestion is frustrating, but it is extremely important that everyone practice safe and responsible driving behaviors. Speeding and reckless driving can have severe and far-reaching consequences. I urge our motorists to use caution and obey traffic signs and speed limits. I also want to thank our officers for their initiative to keep people safe and our neighboring agencies for their assistance.”