County: DPU To Host Ghost Hunt To Debut New Efficiency Tool – The Thermal Camera


The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) will launch its next conservation and energy efficiency tool—a thermal camera—on November 1 through the Library of Things. Before that, DPU will partner with the Los Alamos Public Library to host a ghost hunt using thermal cameras at the Los Alamos Little Theatre (LALT) on Saturday, Oct. 28. 

After much anticipation, the weather is finally changing enough to provide meaningful and beneficial thermal camera results to our community members. The thermal cameras are intended for users to perform an energy assessment of their living and working spaces. When paired with the DIY Energy Assessment checklist (, the potential to lower energy bills is realized by identifying areas of lost energy. Thermal cameras use infrared technology to show areas of poor insulation in walls and ceilings, sources of air leaks in doors and windows, and even appliances that are operating inefficiently. 

On the evening of Oct. 28, participants will have a chance to explore the Little Theatre in a new light, or rather, lack of light. Starting at 6:30 p.m., LALT members will provide a history of the space. After a brief overview of amateur “ghost hunting” equipment, participants can wander around the LALT space, taking in the history and keeping an open mind to paranormal activity. The event will end at 8 p.m. 

This event is limited to 25 participants and is best suited for those 14 years old and up. Please keep in mind, the ghost hunt is not a staged haunted house. It is a fun activity where participants will explore the theater using thermal cameras while trying to determine what might cause things to go bump in the dark. It is not intended to be a summoning of ancestors or spirits or a paranormal intrusion into past lives. 

Participants who are interested in handling the thermal cameras during the hunt will be required to download an app (instructions to be sent to registered attendees) to their smart phones, iPads, or tablets. While the thermal cameras operate in tandem with these devices, it is not necessary to create individual accounts to use them. 

Registration details can be found at

The LALT has quite the history over its 80 years. A dramatic club was formed in 1943 to “alleviate boredom and provide entertainment for residents during the Manhattan Project.” LALT performed at various places around the community until securing its permanent location—the old East Cafeteria turned recreation hall—in 1971. Since an extensive renovation and grand opening in 1973, LALT has performed more than 230 productions at this venue. 

Infrared cameras will be available for checkout at both the Mesa Public Library and the White Rock Branch Library. Other items provided by DPU for checkout through the Library of Things initiative are induction cooktop kits and Kill-A-Watt power meters.