Endorsement For Christine Bernstein For School Board


I am writing to voice my strong support for Chris Bernstein to continue serving on the Los Alamos School Board. As both a former student of Ms. Bernstein’s and a current teacher myself, I can confidently say that she is an invaluable asset to the Los Alamos Public Schools district as well as the students it serves.

I had the privilege of being in Ms. Bernstein’s Spanish classes in high school, as well as serving on the Student Council under her guidance. She brought creativity, passion, and high standards to the classroom and inspired me to grow as an advocate and changemaker. Outside of academics, Ms. Bernstein advised the Student Council with care, wisdom and high expectations. Under her leadership, I grew tremendously as a leader, learned to work collaboratively, and developed organization and communication skills that continue to serve me today.

After graduating, I became an educator myself and am now in my 8th year as a public school teacher. I credit Ms. Bernstein with lighting that spark in me. She modeled exceptional teaching, mentored me beyond just the classroom, and empowered me to use my skills and voice to create positive change. She is the type of educator who makes school a place where all students want to be, regardless of their background, learning needs, or past academic performance. Students gravitated toward her classroom, during class time as well as at lunchtime and after school. It’s not only that we enjoyed talking with her; she was our safe space. Ms. Bernstein was the teacher who saw us as people, not just students. She challenged our questionable teenage beliefs and our actions with so much love and care that we couldn’t help but take her words to heart.

Chris is a champion of students. She listens actively to their needs and fights hard to get them what they deserve. She truly values the diverse perspectives and experiences of our community, and I have seen her engage in thoughtful, open, and constructive dialogues to address these concerns. Chris’s approach to decision-making is inclusive and transparent, ensuring that the voices of all stakeholders are heard and considered. Most importantly, she addresses these conversations with humor and humanity. She is not a stiff, ladder-climbing politician; Chris has a heart, a conscience, and a desire to work in community to make meaningful change. 

With decades of classroom experience, a proven track record of leadership, and an incredible sense of justice, Ms. Bernstein has precisely the sort of expertise, vision, and dedication needed on the School Board. I urge you to allow her to continue serving the district and shaping young lives.