Coupland For An Effective School Board

Los Alamos

I voted this weekend for Lauren Coupland for the school board, and urge you to do the same. Recently, the school board has struggled with its most important job – recruiting and overseeing a school superintendent. Whatever the details, having a superintendent last less than a year did the schools no good, and suggests weaknesses in the board’s hiring decisions and policies. We need board members who understand schools from the inside out, and understand how to make effective and thoughtful decisions. This is not a time for business as usual on the Los Alamos School Board.

Lauren Coupland can meet that need. With her extensive experience as a teacher and an organizer in schools and the non-profit sector, she is the fresh voice that we need. She stands out for her emphasis on communication with all stakeholders, and her commitment to optimizing procedures, policies, and checklists to streamline workflows and reduce teacher burdens.

And however you vote for the school board, please support the bond request. By doing so, we show with our pocketbooks how much we care about the schools.