Your Vote Is Your Voice!

White Rock
Candidate for UNM-LA Advisory Board

Do you ever yell at the television or computer screen, trying desperately to get the world to listen to your opinion?  We’re so used to “hearing” things from the media that it’s easy to forget that our voices don’t extend beyond the front door to our living rooms.

With the upcoming election, you do have a chance to be heard. Your vote speaks in volumes! The candidates for LAPS School Board and UNM-LA Advisory Board are listening. You deserve to be heard and your vote is that voice.

Hopefully, you support the Bond issue. If you do, you should vote! And if you don’t, you should vote!  Disagreeing with the views of others is a right and your voice is the only way to be heard. Of course, I do hope your voice says “Yes” on that issue!

Now, here’s a wonderful opportunity for your voice to be heard by UNM-LA.  Dr. Holtzclaw, Chancellor UNM-LA, is asking for community input for the planning process of the university’s strategy plan.  He emphasized that community input is pivotal to identifying and prioritizing near and long-term goals and objectives.  UNM-LA created a short, six question survey that allows you to express your perspectives, ideas, and suggestions in shaping the foundation of the strategic plan.

To participate in the survey, simply go to the link:

We should all vote in the upcoming election to ensure that all of our voices are heard.  And I urge you to take the survey so that the members of the UNM-LA Advisory Board can use your voice in the many decisions to be made in the coming year.

And so, I’ll thank you in advance for voting!