Snowdonia And The Welsh Mountains With Los Alamos Mountaineers Oct. 24

Colin Hemez will discuss his 2022 hiking trip through northern Wales during Tuesday Los Alamos Mountaineers meeting in person and via Zoom. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Mountaineers

The October 24 Mountaineers meeting will be in-person, with a hybrid adjunct. Colin Hemez will speak about his explorations of the mountains of Wales.

Colin writes: “In the summer of 2022, I partook in a hiking trip through the mountains of northern Wales—an adventure enabled by Great Britain’s extensive train network and venerable right to roam laws. In this talk, I’ll share some photographs of the journey, discuss the history and future of walking in England, and reflect on the relationship between maps and the places they represent.”

Snowdonia is a mountainous region and national park in northwestern Wales. It contains all fifteen mountains in Wales over 3000 feet high, including the country’s highest, Snowdon, at 3560 feet. The name “Snowdon” means “snow hill”.

We welcome all to the Mountaineers’ meeting, on the regular fourth Tuesday of the month. The social hour, with cookies, begins at 6:45 PM and the program at 7:00 PM. The presentation will be in-person at Los Alamos Nature Center; the slides will be live-streamed on Zoom. Registration is required to Zoom and recommended for in-person – the Mountaineers would love to see you and meet you. Registration is at