Why I Am Running For School Board Los Alamos District 3

Candidate for District 3
Los Alamos School Board

Hope all is well with everyone in Los Alamos County.  My name is Sean Stanfield, and I am running for the open School Board position in District #3.   We moved to Los Alamos in 2005 and have three children and have been married for 23 years.  All our children have attended school in Los Alamos from elementary through High School.  One of our children has graduated but we still have two in the school system. 

Most of my time within the school system has been based around extra-curricular activities for our children.  As a parent that has supported not only our children but others as well, I feel there are several positives I can bring to the school board.  First is professional experience building teams and managing a nationwide organization.  Second is staying active with my children not only through extracurricular activities but with teachers and administrators at Los Alamos Public Schools.  

Through my experience with the school system, it is clear the teachers and students need support from the community and the school board.  We live in a community where active participation by the parents is not a surprise to anyone.  There needs to be true leadership that provides accountability, transparency, and a sense of ethics to the community.  

⁃ Teacher-parent interaction that builds on trust.

⁃ All kids are important for the school district.

⁃ We need accountability and transparency.

⁃ We need diversity without an agenda.

⁃ Mental health is an issue in our schools; and

⁃ Extracurricular activities are important for our children.

I believe I would provide the school board with a different approach to leadership and accountability. Please contact me if you have specific input or questions about my ability to move the school board forward.  Please join me for my second Meet & Greet 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 25 at the SALA Event Center.