LAPS Supt. Jennifer Guy Addresses Kiwanis Club Members

Los Alamos Schools Supt. Jennifer Guy addresses the Los Alamos Kiwanis Club. Photo by Brooke Davis

Kiwanis Club

On August 16, Los Alamos Schools Supt. Jennifer Guy spoke to Kiwanis about her background, accomplishments, and her philosophy and goals in education.

Guy is a longtime resident of Los Alamos. She said her husband is from Los Alamos and she has been in the community for 34 years. Her husband and children have all attended schools in the county. Sharing her thoughts on education, she said, “Los Alamos is near and dear to my heart, and…the Los Alamos Public Schools are deep in my heart…I want to do good work and move our district forward.” She added, “I want to make all students successful…”

Guy also spoke of “school PLUS one,” referring to activities such as music, robotics, and physics (for everyone) – topics that build useful and enjoyable interests.

She mentioned the state’s changes in education goals, including the decision to provide all New Mexico students both breakfast and lunch. There were repeated problems with state officials who resisted providing for Los Alamos students because they believed the community was too wealthy to need assistance. Guy said that she and her associates finally got the state to agree that “Yes, Los Alamos IS part of New Mexico.” Local schools are now focused on creative ways to avoid food waste, including allowing parents in need to pick up extra items that were not used after the students had eaten.

There are many ideas and plans to improve education in the community, including offering technology and trade training, partnering with other school districts to give students options to expand their options, moving the 6th grade to the middle school, and facility replacements and renovations.