Two ‘New’ Geese Released Back Into Ashley Pond

Senior Public Service Aide
Los Alamos Police Department

Two “new” geese have been released back to Ashley Pond. They are the two goslings that were left abandoned at the pond in late May of this year. They are finally old enough to live on the pond and safely adapt to the environment there.

We are following the advise of Dr. Ramsey to release them back into Ashley Pond.  Dr. Ramsey assessed them both prior to their reintroduction. The brown one is a male and Dr. Ramsey stated it is a little too early to tell if the white one is a male or female.

Animal control has not named the geese. We know how much the town cares for the animals at the pond and decided we would like to leave it up to the town to come up with their names. Animal control would like to remind everyone not to release animals or take animals from the pond. We are continually monitoring and caring for the animals we currently have there.

The two geese have been raised around children and a dog and are overall friendly. They do like to follow people around but do not have a history of biting anyone. Please remember to be kind to them and let them adapt to their new home comfortably.