Getting Closer To The Oppenheimer Festival: Collaboration Invited To Help Make This Event A Great Success


Getting Closer to the Oppenheimer Festival: Collaboration Invited to Make This Event a Great Success  The Oppenheimer Festival is just around the corner, and the excitement is building as we continue to develop this unique event. We are thrilled to announce and invite collaboration to ensure that the festival becomes a resounding success. 

A significant part of the festival will take place at the Social Center, where attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, deepen their understanding of the film, hear from the extras and individuals involved during its filming in Los Alamos, and gain insights from local experts on their perspectives of the movie and J. Robert Oppenheimer’s lasting legacy.  The Social Center events include:

1. Beyond the Screen: This thought-provoking event will explore Oppenheimer’s legacy beyond what is depicted in the film. Attendees will engage in discussions and delve into Oppenheimer’s remarkable contributions to science and society.

2. Behind the Scenes: Get an exclusive glimpse into the making of the Oppenheimer movie. Hear captivating stories and insights from the extras and individuals who were part of the production. Discover the behind-the-scenes secrets that brought Oppenheimer’s story to life. 

3. Reel Reflections: Local experts and esteemed guests will share their perspectives on the film’s accuracy and portrayal of Oppenheimer. Engage in insightful discussions that delve into the historical context, interpretation, and impact of the movie, providing a deeper appreciation for its significance.

These events will take place every day from July 22 to July 30, with sessions scheduled at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Additionally, a daily recap of the events will be presented at 3:00 pm, providing an opportunity to catch up on the highlights and delve deeper into the festival experience.  We invite individuals who are interested in participating as extras, delivering lectures, or sharing their expertise and thoughts on the film’s impact to fill out the form available at D21oyEoaDA/viewform?usp=sf_link.

By signing up, participants will have the opportunity to contribute their valuable insights and be a part of this exceptional festival. 

Furthermore, we are seeking volunteers to assist with various roles during the Oppenheimer Festival, such as ushering, guiding attendees, and managing ticket booths. If you are enthusiastic about supporting this event and would like to get involved, we welcome you to sign up through the same form. As we work diligently to finalize the festival schedule, we encourage interested participants to fill out the form promptly. We will be in touch with all applicants to discuss further details and coordinate their involvement. 

The Oppenheimer Festival aims to create an immersive and enriching experience for all attendees, fostering discussions, and celebrating the remarkable legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Together, let us make this event an extraordinary celebration of history, science, and community.  To sign up and participate in the Oppenheimer Festival, visit D21oyEoaDA/viewform?usp=sf_link.

Help us complete the festival schedule and ensure your involvement in this extraordinary celebration. 

About the Oppenheimer Festival: 
The Oppenheimer Festival is a unique event dedicated to celebrating the legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer and exploring his contributions to science and society. Through film screenings, discussions, lectures, and interactive exhibits, the festival aims to engage the community and deepen the understanding of Oppenheimer’s impact. The festival is supported by SALA members , with the additional support of local sponsors and collaborators. For more information, visit