County: Video Of June 26 Council Town Hall On Raising Minimum Wage In Los Alamos County Now Available Online


The recent town hall on raising the minimum wage, hosted by Los Alamos County Councilors Denise Derkacs, Melanee Hand, and Randall Ryti on June 26 in Council Chambers, is available online on the county webpage. This forum continued a May 23 council meeting presentation by two inspiring middle school students who made a case for raising the minimum wage from $12 to $15 an hour.

Councilors listened to local business owners and community members who voiced their opinions and made various recommendations. Councilor Derkacs noted that the conversation was not over and that additional information and data would be considered before anything would be brought to Council for a vote. 

Understanding that not everyone could attend the meeting last Monday, Councilors requested that the town hall session be recorded and posted to the county webpage at The video will remain available for viewing at any time, allowing residents to catch up on the discussion at their convenience. 

For additional information, contact the County Manager’s office at 505-663-1750.