LAPD Issues Public Safety Statement In Advance Of Fourth Of July Event At Overlook Park Tuesday


The Los Alamos Police Department would like to inform the public of several public safety initiatives and policy statements so that we can celebrate a happy and safe Fourth of July on Tuesday at Overlook Park.

The Los Alamos Police Department will have an information booth set up in the southwest corner of the Paul Spirio soccer fields.  The information booth will have giveaways and will be issuing wristbands to children this Tuesday at Overlook Park for the Fourth of July festivities as a part of the “Tag Your Tots” initiative. The LAPD tent will be illuminated with blue lights so that it easily located when the field gets dark.

“We want to encourage Los Alamos residents and visitors to take a moment to stop by the tent and get wristbands for their children so that in the event they are separated from their families they can be reunited with them quickly and easily.  Children tend to wander right before the fireworks show and the field gets dark, please ensure your children are sitting with you as the firework show begins,” said Deputy Chief Oliver Morris

The information booth will serve as the primary location to reunite lost children, to turn in lost property and report lost property, and to report suspicious or criminal behavior.  Any property that is collected and not returned to the owner that evening will be taken to the Los Alamos Police station at the conclusion of the event. You may call to report lost property to our non-emergency dispatch line at (505) 662-8222.

Los Alamos Police will be patrolling Overlook Park to ensure a safe evening.  Expect traffic delays at the conclusion of the event. LAPD officers will be at traffic posts exiting the park to ensure a safe and orderly exit.  

With recent changes in Marijuana laws, it is important to note that you may not smoke marijuana in a public place.  Overlook Park is not a designated consumption area, and you will be asked to extinguish and may be issued a $50 civil penalty.  Failure to comply with a Police Officer may result in removal from the park and or additional charges.

Please have a happy and safe Fourth of July!