Malicious Attack On Member Of Community

Los Alamos

Today in White Rock there was a malicious attack on a member of our community based on assumptions and bias. A person or persons who claim to have love and unity in their hearts and in their minds spewed hate on our “iconic” white rock. Our rock that is used to wish “Happy Birthdays” and other wonderful moments in our lives. It’s there for support and awareness to those in need or to remember those who have recently passed on.  Today that was changed, in the whole time that I have lived here I have never seen such direct, blatant hatred and violence on our beautiful White Rock.

This letter is regarding the appalling behavior that was done to an amazing member of our community (father, husband, dad, and veteran!) in White Rock today.  There has been a lot of controversy regarding the rock lately and it seems like many groups, religions and political parties are having a feud over the rock. Today there was a lot of awful hate speech and blatant threats painted on the rock towards a member of our community, and this should not be tolerated! Just because you do not agree with someone’s political party, religion or life beliefs, it does not ever give you the right to do this to someone!

A back story to the name on the rock that was painted as some vial criminal! Joshua Muck was born in Phoenix but moved here at the young age of 8 and has been here since. In high school he worked at our hospital as a Candy Striper.  Due to his service here, he was a JR Volunteer for the whole state because of the hours he put in and the service working with cancer patients.   He has served over 6 years in the United States Army, where he did a tour in Afghanistan and 2 years working on the border to protect our country.  He is the father of three beautiful girls and has an amazing, kind, caring, compassionate wife.  

Josh is a hardworking and extremely generous! He loves working with the local scout troops. Josh volunteers his time and service to our community as a handy man for the churches and the elderly that need help. His family is also very active in these services and are typically involved in most community events such as community clean up days. He and his wife volunteer as local poll watchers. He is devoted to his country and has also worked security for LANL. He in no way is racist or a bigot or any of these terms that people who don’t know him want to put on him. Josh is liked by both parties for his reason and judgment. He is always happy and willing to help friends and family of the LGBTQ+ when they were in need.

Once again so many are out to make a man guilty without allowing him to prove his innocence and shame him in their evil way. (By the way the first paint brush that touched the rock by him was to paint over his own name and the profanity) This person or persons who did this not only defaced a public space and adoration to our community but also hurt him and his wife and children.

I’m curious when you will all just stop and wake up and see the underlying plan to keep us all hating each other and divided. This in no way is America, this is what other countries do.  We are supposed to be the shining beacon on the hill. This country is supposed to be the place where the whole world wants to be. My hope is that all people will wake up and see, my hope is that reason and common sense will once again arise. Love yourself, be proud of yourself, but stop with the evil and hate just because someone thinks differently than you. And finally, please just let our kids be kids! Protect our children.