Free Drug Tests Available At Los Alamos Municipal Court

This is a drug test example. This individual shows positive for Fentynl and Benzodiezepines and Methadone. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Municipal Court invites the public to stop by our office, located at 2500 Trinity Suite (next to Ashley Pond) and receive a free drug test.  These urine tests will test for 15 different drugs, including Fentanyl and alcohol for up to the last 2-5 days of consumption.  Court staff will provide instructions on how to administer and interpret results of the tests.  

The court has provided free drug tests to the public upon request for the past decade.  This service allows parents who are concerned about teen or adult family members to have access to accurate data to help families seek treatment and support. NARCAN is also available upon request.  

Last year, the Municipal Probation Department updated the drug tests to include a larger variety of drugs.  A standard drug test may only test for six different types of drugs, and that does not include Fentanyl  The test provided by the Municipal Court Probation Department will test for the following 15 drugs:

AbbreviationDrug NameScreening cut-off (ng/mL)Windows of Detection
JWH“Spice” or “K2”20Up to 1-2 days
HRNHeroin102-8 hours
FTYFentanyl20Up to 1-3 days
OXYOcycodone100Up to 1-3 days
TRATramadol200Up to 2 days
BZOBenzodiezepines300Varies based on short acting and long acting
MTDMethadone300Up to 1-2 days
ETGEthyl Glucuronide (alcohol)500Up to 2-5 days
mAMPMethamphetamines500Up to 1-3 days
MDMAMethylendioxymethamphetamines500Up to 2-4 days
MOPMorphine300Up to 2-3 days
COCCocaine150Up to 2-3 days
AMPAmphetamines500Up to 1-3 days
THCMarijuana50Up to 1-4 days