Rancho Lobo And Chama Peak Land Alliance Award Scholarships To Escalante High School Students

Escalante High School 2023 graduate Tomas Atenctio/Courtesy photo

Escalante High School 2023 graduate Bayler Faulkner/Courtesy photo

Escalante High School 2023 graduate Bayler Katelyn Hinds. Courtesy photo

Escalante High School 2023 graduate Brycelyn Martinez/Courtesy photo


Chama Peak Land Alliance, a diverse group of conservation-minded landowners committed to embracing and practicing responsible land, water and wildlife stewardship in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, has selected four graduating Escalante High School students to receive the 2023 CPLA Conservation Scholarship.  The scholarship program is presented in partnership with Rancho Lobo, a member ranch, and student applicants were asked to write an essay about their future plans along with their thoughts on conservation. 

“The essays this year were just really good, and they left us all feeling really hopeful about the next generation” says Caleb Stotts, Chama Peak Land Alliance Executive Director.  A selection committee reviewed the applicants and selected the recipients.  CPLA Board member, Robert Ferrell, attended Escalante’s graduation and made the presentation to the four students this year.  Recipients include Tomas Atencio, Bayler Faulkner, Katelyn Hinds and Brycelyn Martinez. 

Included below are short excerpts from each student’s essay: 

Tomas Atencio “As a young child, I remember spending a lot of time outside watching my dad take pride in working the land and preserving our ditch that runs by the house. My brothers were older than me, and my dad always had them working fixing the canyon and fences or cleaning the ditch so that the water could run free and the animals could drink water and we could irrigate the land.”  Tomas plans to pursue a degree in social work/psychology. 

Bayler Faulkner, “Growing up on a ranch has provided me with a unique childhood and a special perspective into how the world works. Advancing towards adulthood, I learned early on how to care for the animals on the ranch, this is including the land they lived on.”  Bayler plans to attend NM Junior College and compete in college rodeo as well as pursue a degree in criminal justice. 

Katelyn Hinds, “I have many thoughts on our land and water in the area. I help my uncles bale hay every season and grow their crops. I know what it feels like to not have the water we need most times to grow the crops in the fields for when hay season comes around.”  Katelyn plans to pursue a nursing degree and return to her community. 

Brycelyn Martinez, “I am fortunate enough to have grown up in area where I can experience all four seasons. I appreciate the outdoors and relish the time I am able to inhale the fresh air of fall while horseback riding. I also know the importance of water in our community.”  Brycelyn plans to become an optometrist. 

Chama Peak Land Alliance and Rancho Lobo wish all the graduating seniors good luck.  For more information on the CPLA scholarship and the recipients, and other CPLA programs, the website is www.chamapeak.org