Columbus Capital Confirms Purchase Of Mari Mac Shopping Center From Smith’s Grocery Centers

Conceptual image of the first phase of new development, which includes 322 apartments, planned for the former Mari Mac Shopping Center. Courtesy Columbus Capital


Columbus Capital, a leading real estate development company, is  delighted to announce its recent acquisition of the Mari Mac Shopping Center in Los Alamos, NM  from Kroger. This strategic purchase marks an exciting opportunity for Columbus Capital to embark  on a transformative journey of redevelopment, enhancing the Los Alamos community with improved  housing and retail shops. 

“We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to redevelop the Mari Mac Shopping Center  over the next decade, enriching the community with new housing options and vibrant retail  establishments,” stated Greg Gonzales, a partner and President of Construction at Columbus  Capital. This endeavor reflects Columbus Capital’s commitment to community development and  creating spaces that cater to the evolving needs of residents. 

As part of the acquisition, Columbus Capital has also secured a lease agreement with LANL (Los  Alamos National Laboratory) to occupy the former Smith’s Grocery store within the Mari Mac  Shopping Center. This partnership with LANL further strengthens Columbus Capital’s dedication to serving the local community and supporting the vital work conducted at the laboratory. 

The Mari Mac Shopping Center, which abuts Columbus’ recently acquired Ohlsen properties to the west, encompasses a total area of just over 8 acres. Building upon this substantial land portfolio,  Columbus Capital has received unanimous approval (from the Los Alamos Planning & Zoning Commission) to develop a mixed-use project that will feature  322 apartment units, approximately 20,000 square feet of retail space, and a 500+ car parking  structure. 

“Los Alamos is an incredible community, and we are excited to continue helping and serving the  needs of both the community and the Los Alamos National Laboratory,” stated Jeff Branch, CEO of  Columbus Capital. This acquisition and subsequent redevelopment project exemplify Columbus  Capital’s dedication to creating dynamic spaces that foster growth, convenience, and a high quality  of life for residents. 

Columbus Capital is committed to collaborating closely with local stakeholders, community  members, and city officials throughout the redevelopment process. Their goal is to deliver a  revitalized Mari Mac Shopping Center that not only meets the current demands of the community but  also contributes to its long-term prosperity. 

About Columbus Capital 
Columbus Capital is a renowned real estate development company with a strong track record in  transformative projects across the Southwest. With a commitment to community-driven  development, Columbus Capital strives to create innovative spaces that enhance the lives of  residents and contribute to the economic growth of the surrounding areas.