Thoughts From The Farm:  A Few Words For The Class of 2023

Bayler Faulkner – Class of 2023/Courtesy photo


First of all, congratulations to all of you for graduating!  Your whole world is moving forward now, and all that work to learn something is paying off!  

As I have a lot of kids that I love, respect and admire in this class, I wanted to share a few lessons that have served me well.  My life has been blessed, even in the rough patches, and my hope is that each of you will find your blessings as well.  

Say thank you.  

Every single day.  Find something or someone, and say thank you.  Be genuine, even if your day is going poorly, pick your head up and find something to be appreciative off.  

Work hard.  Talent and skill don’t accomplish much without some hard work.  

Don’t take things personally.  Know that what someone say/does reflects more about them than anything.   I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying about this and as I have gotten older it’s gotten a lot easier to step back and try and look at the situation from a different perspective.  It doesn’t mean you let people push you around, just know that their words and actions reflect on who they are.  

Own your mistakes.  If you make a mistake don’t blame others, just own it, learn from it, fix it when you can, and move on.  Every single person makes mistakes, it is ok.  

Drink your water.  Seriously!  It cures a lot of ailments, and cells function best when hydrated!  

That’s really all I have.  Know that you have made your people proud.  Stand up tall as you get that diploma and go make the world a better place.  

To the graduates I know, you all make me so proud!  Escalante grads, you are a great group of kids and our whole community is so proud of you all!  

Maya, Riley and Maria…just yesterday we were making gingerbread houses and marveling at the three of you.  Now, we marvel at the wonderful adults you’ve become.  Jacobo, you always make me smile.  You’ll be able to do anything you set your mind to, and I am so proud of you.  Henry, go set the world on fire with your incredible passion for agriculture.  Grant, congratulations on all your hard work getting here!

Finally, to my graduate:  Bayler, you make me so proud.  I hope you know that, always.  I love your spunk, grit and determination.  From day one, you have always had your own view of the world.  I’m so glad you are you.  Keep on whipping and spurring through life.  And, don’t forget to drink your water.