No Threat To Los Alamos Schools


Los Alamos Public Schools had received some reports of social media posts about a potential threat to schools. There were some various social media posts and rumors of different threats with some involving a planned school shooting. 

LAPS has been in close communication with the Los Alamos Police Department and school superintendents from around the state. The police confirmed this morning that schools across New Mexico were receiving these social media posts and that the FBI had confirmed they originated outside of New Mexico. This afternoon, the police department confirmed that they have identified a likely source and a suspect has been arrested in Florida. We have been able to confirm that the posts our students have seen are all related to this national incident. 

LAPS would like to thank the school administrators and the Los Alamos Police Department for their diligence and quick response. LAPD provided us frequent updates and information throughout the day. LAPS Superintendent Jennifer Guy especially wants to commend all of the students and adults who reported these social media posts. The students who reported did the right thing. Please encourage your student to always report anything they see or hear that is concerning. We encourage students and parents to take a screenshot of the posts. They can report these to any administrator, teacher, counselor, or adult. Anyone can also report anonymously through the See Something Say Something Anonymous Reporting system. This system is confidential and is monitored 24 hours a day. 

Our students and families did an outstanding job of coming together today to speak up to keep our schools and community safe. There is no known threat to any of our Los Alamos schools or students.