County: PCNM COVID-19 Testing In Los Alamos Not Available After Feb. 27


Due to the decline in patients, Pathology Consultants of New Mexico (PCNM) will no longer provide COVID-19 testing service in White Rock effective immediately. Officials at Los Alamos County were informed Monday, February 27, 2023, was their last day. 

“Over the last month, we have seen a continual decreased volume, on average less than three patients a day,” said PCNM Director of Business Development Patricia Ramirez, “It has been our pleasure to have serviced your community for over a year now. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Los Alamos County.”

Residents are encouraged to use an at-home COVID-19 test if they are experiencing symptoms. Testing remains one of our best defenses against spreading COVID-19 and at-home testing provides a safe, convenient way to protect others from the virus. Serial testing with an at-home test separated by 48 hours is considered 90% accurate. 

The New Mexico Department of Health recommends residents to take advantage of two programs offering free at-home antigen tests, while supplies are available:

  • All U.S. households can order a total of four at-home COVID-19 tests that will be mailed directly to them for free. Tests can be ordered from
  • Additionally, New Mexico residents can receive free at-home tests through the Rockefeller Foundation’s Project Act program while supplies last at:

Users can follow up with a PCR test from a medical provider or test site to verify results. Visit to find a convenient location. Individuals can self-report a positive COVID test at Make My Test Count. The reporting of tests on this site is confidential and no personal information is required to use the site.

It is still important to stay home if you have symptoms to prevent the spread of COVID and other respiratory illnesses such as RSV and flu.

For more information regarding COVID resources for Los Alamos County, visit the County website at