County: Oversized Modular Home To Be Transported From NM 501 To Cheyenne Street Mar. 3


JR Theroux Mobile Home Service, Inc., along with Abcon Mobile Home Movers, will be transporting two halves of a double-wide modular home from NM501 (Truck Route) to Cheyenne beginning on Friday, March 3 at 1:30 p.m. 

The route will begin on NM501 (Truck Route) and head north on Diamond Drive at Omega Bridge (Los Alamos Canyon bridge) to Trinity Drive. The transport will make a left on Trinity and head west to 48th Street then Sandia Drive to the intersection of Sandia and Diamond. The transport will then make a left on Diamond and head north to the roundabout, where it will turn right on San Ildefonso Road and continue to Sioux St., turn left, and continue to Cheyenne and the destination.  

The contractor is asking residents who live along Trinity or Sioux to avoid parking vehicles on the street those days. Vehicles should be parked off the streets in residents’ respective driveways, if possible. If driveway/garage parking is not available, residents are asked to avoid parking on the north side of the street to clear a path for the oversized load to move along the route. Fliers will be posted in advance on vehicles and doors along the route. 

Los Alamos County Police Department will assist with escorting both oversized loads. Both transportation companies will have additional escort services.  

For more information or concerns, please contact JR Theroux at 505-220-2377 or Michael Garcia at 505-238-4066.