Response To Valerie Fox And HB7

Los Alamos

I would encourage people to go read HB7 which is available

It appears as if in Valerie Fox’s hatred of anything LGBTQ, she rather didn’t read it, or is purposefully misleading. The bill is all about how public institutions can’t prevent people from getting care, or discriminate against them for getting care. The schools are included as a public entity with employees, but are not called out to do anything on the behalf of children. They just can’t discriminate or “act as a parent” and deny care (which they wouldn’t provide to begin with). I am not a lawyer, but reading it over it seems pretty clear this is aimed at employers and employees, along with service providers. It is even clearer with the amendments. This seems like a good bill if you believe people shouldn’t be discriminated against by a public institution that is paid with tax dollars.

If there is any part that is doing what Valerie Fox is claiming, she should quote it in context, and then if needed it should be clarified. But don/t take her word or my word on it, please read the actual bill.