More Than 24 Players Participate In Feb. 3-5 Pickleball Tournament In White Rock

Community pickleball and tournament players Feb. 5 at Pinon Courts in White Rock. Courtesy photo


Although the groundhog may have predicted six more weeks of winter and Los Alamos courts were mostly snow packed, pickleballers enjoyed a glorious, sunny weekend playing a tournament in White Rock. Volunteer pickleball coordinator Lem O’Neal sought to capitalize on the predicted good weather and clear courts at Pinon Park to  quickly put together a tournament for area players. With only a week’s notice, more  than 24 players from Los Alamos, White Rock and even a few from Santa Fe, were eager  to participate and enjoy tournament play. The group played a total of 41 matches,  comprising approximately 90 games in total! Currently, pickleball is the fastest rising sport in popularity in the U.S. and Los Alamos County is no exception! 

Pickleball players in the singles competition included, from left, Andy Fox of White Rock, Binh Wakeford of Los Alamos, Jeff Levine of Santa Fe and Jeff Whicker of Los Alamos. Courtesy photo

Pickleball Singles Winners:
1st place: Jeff Levine-Santa Fe  

2nd place: Jeff Whicker-Los Alamos  

3rd place Binh Wakeford-Los Alamos  

Pickleball Doubles Winners: 

1st place: Gilbert Ratliff and Matthew Chancey-LA, (center) 

2nd place: Linda Hsieh and Gillian Hsieh  Ratliff-LA, (left) 

3rd place: Kiet Nguyen and Steve Hansen-LA,  (right) 

Lem O’Neal-LA)

Pickleball Mixed Doubles Winners: 

1st place: Matthew Chancey and Gillian Hsieh Ratliff -LA, (center) 

2nd place: Annie Maes-SF and Kiet Nguyen-LA (left) 3rd place: Gilbert Ratliff and Linda Hsieh-LA,  (right)