3,000 Homes, Business And Pojoaque Valley Schools Will Soon Have Access To High-Speed, Fixed Broadband


More than 3,000 homes, businesses and the school in the rural El Rancho area of New Mexico will soon have access to high-speed, fixed broadband. 

Commnet Broadband is proud to partner with Santa Fe County and REDINet to help close the digital divide for residents in El Rancho, Jacona and Jaconita. The network expansion is made possible through funding provided by Santa Fe County.

“I am pleased we have accomplished the first of several agreements to bring broadband to my constituents from Pojoaque West to the Rio Grande,” said Henry Roybal, Santa Fe County Commissioner. “This project will provide high speed internet to our rural community and is the first one of several that have been put into place to be complete in the next couple of years. I’m pleased as it reflects the greatness of our community and compassionate actions of its members. Thank you to the school board for approving the agreement.”

Commnet’s network design includes installation of a fiber connection at Pojoaque Valley Schools to connect to REDINet’s middle mile network, which will then link to the Data Center in Albuquerque, NM. Work will begin in January with an estimated cost of $139,775. Broadband speeds of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload or greater will be available beginning in March 2023.

“Our work prioritizes service to small, rural communities that are considered hard to serve due to various challenges such as geographic obstacles and limited populations,” said Tom Guthrie, CEO of Commnet Broadband. “We are proud to bring new opportunities to New Mexico residents which allow them to work and learn from home as well as stay connected to their family and friends.”

Commnet is currently deploying fixed wireless broadband service to 11,000 previously unserved households in New Mexico. Through a series of federally supported programs, Comment is able to provide these high-speed broadband services at a discount to low-income residents. 

About Commnet Broadband

Commnet Broadband, an affiliate of ATN International, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATNI), enables or directly delivers high-quality broadband communications services to Tribal communities and rural America, driving digital inclusions and providing access to education, work, healthcare, safety, entertainment and community connectivity. For more information, visit www.commnetbroadband.com.